Diverse Cyber Security Training and Assessment Modules

Diverse training options

Explore Deep Learning courses, Anti-Phishing Training, and monthly Security Awareness Nuggets delivered through a Private Learning Platform tailored to each client’s needs and further enhanced by our Managed Services.

Training by Role, by Compliance and by Industry

Courses by role, compliance &industry

Discover the power of focused, niche-based courses for various job roles, data protection and privacy laws and industries.

Role-based training
Industry-specific training
Compliance-focused training

Gamification for experience-based learning

Gamified approach

By incorporating game elements like challenges, leaderboards, and rewards we ensure that employees enjoy the learning, retain information better, and apply security best practices in real-world scenarios.

Security awareness games
Gamified Anti-Phishing

Custom-made courses and training content

Customized content

Align the training content with your company’s brand, security policies, information classification guidelines, incident reporting methods and more.

Customization features

Private, Secure Learning Platform

Multi-lingual Translations

Make cyber security training universally accessible to all employees with authentic translations by native language speakers, ensuring an exceptional learning experience for native speakers, unlike automated methods.

Translation Samples

Private, Secure Learning Platform

Private, Secure Learning Platform

Get a secure learning environment that safeguards sensitive user data, with no shared databases in your preferred AWS region.

Training Platform

Deep Learning Data Analytics and Insights

Learning Data Analytics and Insights

Unlock a wealth of cyber risk analytics and employee weak spots drawn from the data of your cyber security awareness training.

Learning platform

Managed Services for round-the-year Security Awareness

Managed Services for round-the-year Security Awareness

Have Security Quotient manage your entire annual security awareness program from design to delivery to reporting.

Managed Services

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