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Customized Content

Tailor the training content to match your company’s brand, security policies, information classification guidelines, incident reporting methods and more.

What’s included

Discover the benefits of a customized security awareness training program and ensure better employee acceptance of cyber security.

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Feature your logo

Incorporating your company logo into the course adds a personalized touch that reinforces your brand identity with the training materials. This helps create a unified and branded learning experience that resonates with the workforce, forging a strong connection between the course content and your organization.

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Choose cyber security case studies

Opting for industry-specific cyber security case studies in a security awareness training course enables employees to comprehend real-world examples and apply this newfound knowledge to similar situations they might face. This enhances the relevance and practicality of the training, helping employees grasp the potential risks and effective mitigation strategies meaningfully.

Select cyber security topics

By selectively choosing cyber security topics, you can ensure that employees receive targeted and relevant information on the organization’s top security risks and concerns. It allows for a focused approach to addressing specific vulnerabilities, promotion of best practices, and exploration of emerging trends, empowering employees with the knowledge needed to safeguard against potential threats.

Add information classification guidelines practised by your organization

Informing employees about the precise information classification guideline used by your organization is crucial as it helps them understand the sensitivity and criticality of their data, enabling them to implement appropriate security controls and access restrictions. Proper classification ensures that data is handled, stored, and shared in accordance with its level of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

Add incident reporting information

Training employees on how to report cyber security incidents is essential to encourage a culture of proactive incident response and swift mitigation. By specifying the right way to report incidents (e.g., email, phone, Intranet page, etc.) the course empowers employees to promptly identify and report potential threats, allowing the organization to take immediate action and reduce the impact of security incidents.

Multilingual Translation

Our cyber security training program is universally accessible to all employees with authentic translations by native language speakers, ensuring an exceptional learning experience for native speakers.

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Private, Secure Learning Platform

Get access to a secure learning environment that safeguards sensitive user data hosted in your chosen AWS region, with no shared databases.

What’s included

With a dedicated security awareness training instance, learners have the flexibility to access training materials at anytime from anywhere. Administrators can also track progress and monitor engagement, ensuring a seamless and secure training experience for all.


A dedicated platform with its own unique URL guarantees a secure and personalized learning environment.


By maintaining a training platform with no shared databases, we ensure that your user data remains confidential and secure.

ISO 27001 Certified

Security Quotient is ISO 27001 certified and our platforms adhere to rigorous information security standards.

Industry-Standard Security

The server instance is hosted in world-class data centres that strictly adhere to industry-standard security protocols.

99.99% uptime guarantee

We provide a 99.99% uptime guarantee, ensuring uninterrupted access to your security awareness training materials.

Compliance-Audit Ready

Clients have the option to use scanning tools or perform inspections to assess the platform’s compliance with relevant standards and regulations.

Dedicated Support Team

Whether its user enrolment, accessing training materials, platform navigation, or resolving issues, our helpdesk is just a message or call away.

Administrator Access

Through administrator privileges, clients can easily access the platform, manage users and generate reports.

Compliance-ready reports

Generate detailed reports providing insights into participation levels, completion rates, and assessment scores, showcasing a strong commitment to compliance for auditors and regulators.

How does it work?

Here are the steps to deploy your dedicated and private security awareness training platform.


Launch your platform with a unique URL

Our helpdesk will assist in the set up and configuration of your dedicated security awareness training platform. We will then assign a unique URL according to your preference, ensuring exclusive access to your organization’s training environment.


Configure user authentication methods

You can offer users self-registration using the company email ID as username and manual password or integrate with your existing SSO (Single-Sign-On) Infrastructure. We recommend using SSO. Our helpdesk will assist you with the configuration.


Invite users to enroll

Send invitations or notifications to users, giving them instructions on enrolling in the training platform. Our helpdesk can assist in creating effective enrolment invitations that can be sent via email.


Deliver the courses

Your dedicated platform is already set up with your subscribed courses that can be easily accessed by the learners upon login. Learners can launch the courses and start their cyber security learning journey.


Track progress and generate reports

Utilize the reporting features of the training platform to gather valuable data on user progress, completion rates, assessment performance, and compliance metrics. Generate customized reports to showcase training effectiveness, user engagement, and compliance efforts.

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