Cyber Security Culture Survey

Unlike assessments that check the level of knowledge, culture surveys give profound insights into employees’ perceptions of and attitudes toward cyber security.
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Tailored Surveys

Let us help you craft customized surveys tailored to specific aspects such as job roles, training feedback, incident reporting efficiency, leadership feedback, and more.


Managed Delivery

Leverage Security Quotient’s secure infrastructure to deploy surveys that can seamlessly scale from a few hundred to thousands in sample size.


Sentiment Analysis

Use sentiment analysis models to process survey data, revealing trends in perceptions—positive, negative, or neutral.


Segmented Reporting

Reports can be segmented based on various parameters such as departments, job roles, or locations to address specific challenges or optimize strategies for different groups.


Trend Analysis over Time

With detailed trend analysis, track changes in perceptions over time to assess the impact of interventions, training programs, or policy changes.


Expert Assistance and Custom Reports

Get assistance from our Cyber Security Advisory Team to delve deep into data or to create custom reports to gain specific insights.

Benefits of Culture Surveys

Beyond assessments, culture surveys open a fresh perspective on cyber security by revealing the thoughts and sentiments of employees and stakeholders towards cyber security. This understanding contributes to informed cyber security decision-making.



Cyber Security Culture Indicators

Derive measurable indicators such as employee perception, leadership engagement, security attitude, etc., to build and measure cyber security culture posture over time.


Granular Insights

Gain micro-insights into different aspects of cyber security awareness, behavior, and culture. This granularity is valuable for pinpointing specific issues or successes within the organization.


Customized Recommendations

Combined with Blindspot Assessments, Cyber Security Culture surveys bring the psychological perspective into cyber security decision-making. This data enhances targeted interventions or refinement of existing cyber security programs.


Data-driven Decision Making

Data-driven insights help to create initiatives that are grounded in a thorough understanding of the organization’s culture and dynamics.


Benchmarking Against Goals

Organizations can benchmark their cyber security culture against predefined goals or industry standards. Further, in-depth reports facilitate a comparative analysis that helps in setting realistic benchmarks and continuous improvement.


Enhance Compliance Posture

Present Cyber Security Culture Surveys and the corresponding reports to auditors, stakeholders, and regulators as an advanced initiative aimed at enhancing the organization’s cyber security posture.

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