Discover Cyber Security Blindspots and Sentiments

Reveal deficiencies in employee cyber security awareness, skills, and perceptions.

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Behavior Blindspot Assessments

Illuminate and eliminate human cyber security blind spots before onboarding, project transition, or any time in their employee journey.

Scenario: Behavior Assessment

User Responses and Results

Culture survey

Unearth attitudes toward cyber security, incident reporting culture, and perceptions of cyber security leadership by capturing feedback from a reliable sample size.

Culture survey questions example

Screenshot of Security Quotient's Culture Survey Dashboard, specifically designed for Culture Surveys. The dashboard is in blue and white colour with charts and metrics.

Overall Privacy Culture Survey results example

Phishing Assessments

Fortify employees against evolving phishing threats through consistent exposure to simulated phishing scenarios.

Screenshot from Security Quotient's gamified phishing assessment course, depicting a mock phishing assessment scenario. The image shows an interactive and engaging interface, designed to simulate real-life phishing attempts in a controlled environment.

Scenario: Phishing Attempt

User Responses and Results

Why conduct Security Assessments and Surveys?

By leveraging culture surveys, behavior assessments, and phishing simulations, organizations can fortify cyber defenses and stay one step ahead as cyber threats evolve.

Identifying Human Cyber Security Weaknesses

Pinpoint security awareness and behavior blind spots.

Improve User Awareness and Behaviour

Enhance user security awareness using gamified training.

Risk Mitigation

Reduce cyber security threats by strengthening the human layer.

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