Annual Security Awareness Program

A fully managed annual security awareness program that ensures year-round continuous vigilance and readiness against evolving cyber threats.

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Security Quotient’s fully managed annual security awareness program ensures year-round continuous vigilance and readiness of workforce against evolving cyber threats

Why is it important to have year-round security awareness programs?

Maintaining security awareness programs throughout the year is crucial because cyber threats persist constantly. These programs help the workforce stay vigilant, adapt to evolving threats, and contribute to a proactive defence, reducing the risk of costly security breaches.

Recommended training plan

In a 12-month annual security awareness program, you can include one or more compulsory cyber security e-learning courses, 12-24 micro-learning sessions, and comprehensive anti-phishing training.

Step 1: Start with Behavior Blindspot Assessment

Initiate your security awareness program with our Cyber Security Behavior Blindspot Assessment, unveiling hidden vulnerabilities and paving the way for targeted interventions. This foundational assessment empowers organizations to cultivate a proactive security culture, building a resilient workforce prepared to face evolving cyber threats.

Step 2: Deliver 1 to 2 gamified courses

After the Cyber Security Behavior Blindspot Assessment, elevate your defenses with engaging and effective learning through our gamified cyber security awareness courses. Immerse your workforce in interactive scenarios, fostering experiential learning and ensuring they acquire practical skills to navigate the evolving cyber landscape confidently.

Step 3: Deliver a Culture Survey

Following the gamified courses, advance your cyber security journey with our Cyber Security Culture Survey. Gain insights into employee perceptions, attitudes, and the overall cyber security culture, enabling tailored strategies to fortify the human aspect of your defense against cyber threats.


Step 4: Deliver Security Awareness Nuggets

As the program progresses, immerse your workforce in continuous learning with our Security Awareness Nuggets—bite-sized, targeted micro-learning content. These ongoing nuggets ensure that cyber resilience becomes a part of your organizational DNA, fostering a culture of perpetual awareness and preparedness against evolving security challenges.


Micro-learning Videos


Step 5: Collect Learner feedback

Conclude the program by gathering valuable insights through learner feedback, shaping a dynamic feedback loop for continuous improvement. This iterative process ensures that the security awareness program remains adaptive, aligning with the evolving needs and perspectives of your workforce.

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