Customizing a Course

Tailor the training content to match your company’s brand, security policies, information classification guidelines, incident reporting methods, and more.

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Realize your unique cyber security vision with customized training

With a simple workflow, we effortlessly integrate your cyber security policies, brand, and language into each course, transcending generic off-the-shelf training and fostering employee acceptance of cyber security.

What’s included?

Discover the benefits of a customized security awareness training program and ensure better employee acceptance of cyber security.

Feature your logo

Incorporating your company logo into the course adds a personalized touch that reinforces your brand identity with the training materials. This helps create a unified and branded learning experience that resonates with the workforce, forging a strong connection between the course content and your organization.


Choose cyber security case studies

Opting for industry-specific cyber security case studies in a security awareness training course enables employees to comprehend real-world examples and apply this newfound knowledge to similar situations they might face. This enhances the relevance and practicality of the training, helping employees grasp the potential risks and effective mitigation strategies meaningfully.


Select cyber security topics

By selectively choosing cyber security topics, you can ensure that employees receive targeted and relevant information on the organization’s top security risks and concerns. It allows for a focused approach to addressing specific vulnerabilities, promotion of best practices, and exploration of emerging trends, empowering employees with the knowledge needed to safeguard against potential threats.


Add information classification guidelines practiced by your organization

Informing employees about the precise information classification guideline used by your organization is crucial as it helps them understand the sensitivity and criticality of their data, enabling them to implement appropriate security controls and access restrictions. Proper classification ensures that data is handled, stored, and shared in accordance with its level of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.


Add incident reporting information

Training employees on how to report cyber security incidents is essential to encourage a culture of proactive incident response and swift mitigation. By specifying the right way to report incidents (e.g., email, phone, Intranet page, etc.), the course empowers employees to promptly identify and report potential threats, allowing the organization to take immediate action and reduce the impact of security incidents.

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