Behaviour-Focused Cybersecurity Training

Move past conventional methods and explore training that prioritizes altering employees’ cybersecurity actions and decision-making.

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Training Solutions

Employees from diverse backgrounds attending gamified security awareness courses.
Security Awareness Courses

Discover behavior-focused, gamified cybersecurity awareness courses tailored for specific job roles, industries, and compliance targets.

Security Awareness Nuggets

Make cybersecurity a priority by offering regular, easy-to-digest learning and assessments. Keep employees engaged all year round.

Benefits of Behavior-Focused Training

Traditional cybersecurity education relies on memorization, while behavior-focused training shapes employee actions to build a security-conscious culture.

Risk Mitigation

By addressing risky behaviors, it minimizes the likelihood of security incidents and data breaches stemming from human error.

Real-world preparedness

Behavior-focused cybersecurity training prepares individuals to respond effectively to real-world threats by simulating and addressing actual behaviors encountered in cyber attacks.

Culture Development

It fosters a security-conscious culture within the organization, promoting a collective understanding of the importance of individual actions in maintaining a strong defense against evolving cyber threats.

Adaptive Learning

This approach adapts to the dynamic nature of cyber threats, ensuring that training remains relevant and effective in addressing the constantly changing tactics employed by cyber adversaries.


Security Quotient adopts the following methods to implement behavior-focused training.

Gamified Risk Simulations

Immerse employees in realistic risk scenarios, fostering experiential learning and improving their ability to mitigate cyber threats.

Explore Gamified Courses

Adapt training content to reflect the organization’s policies, brand, compliance targets, and unique risks.

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Managed Delivery

Host and deliver your courses using Security Quotient’s fully managed and secure AWS infrastructure to scale training to 100s or 1000s of users.

Private Learning Platform
Behavior Data Analytics

Delve deep into training data and uncover hidden cybersecurity patterns with our PowerBI-enabled data analytics platform.

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