Use cases

Security Quotient’s approach offers a range of use cases to strengthen your organization against evolving cyber threats.

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Explore use-case-based training

Discover the practical applications of our integrated approach, combining Behavior Blindspot Assessments, Culture Surveys, Phishing Tests, Gamified Courses, Security Awareness Nuggets, and Behavior Data Analytics.

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Short-Term Security Awareness Programs

A focused and intense security awareness program for 4-6 weeks featuring an optional course, security awareness nuggets, culture surveys, assessments and competitions.

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Annual Security Awareness Programs

A well-rounded 12-month program featuring blind spot assessments, culture surveys, phishing tests, gamified training, security awareness nuggets, and behavior data analytics.

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Data Protection and Compliance Programs

Drive a deeper sense of data protection and privacy across the organization with a focused program featuring assessments, courses, micro-learning, and behavior data analytics.

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Cyber Security Awareness Month

Make cyber security the focus for a month with tailored initiatives featuring assessments, surveys, quizzes, competitions and phishing tests.

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Customizing a Course

Tailor the training content to match your company’s brand, security policies, information classification guidelines, incident reporting methods, and more.

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