Behavior-Focused Security Awareness Courses

Embed positive Cybersecurity Behavior in every employee using the power of Gamification. Discover courses aligned to roles, industries, and data protection regulations.

By Role

Tailoring training to job roles equips employees to mitigate cyber risks efficiently. This approach ensures that employees have the knowledge and skills to protect sensitive data and prevent security incidents.

Image showing employees engaged in the 'Information Security and Cyber Risk Awareness' course, depicted as looking intently at computer screens. This illustrates their active participation in learning about cybersecurity, digital protection strategies, and risk management. The setting conveys a focus on enhancing workplace cyber awareness.

End-Users (Employees and Contractors)

Information Security & Cyber Risk Awareness

Boost employee cybersecurity skills through gamified risk simulations.

End-Users (Employees and Contractors)

Information Security & Data Privacy

Deliver exceptional cybersecurity learning with gamified risk scenarios.

Leadership/ C-Level

Cyber Security for Business Leaders

Build strong cybersecurity leadership skills using a case-study-driven course.

End-Users (Vendors, Partners & Suppliers)

Information Security Awareness for Vendors, Partners and Suppliers

Equip partners and vendors with cybersecurity awareness to strengthen business security.

End-Users (Employees and Contractors)

The ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security & Cyber Risk Awareness

Master ISO/IEC 27001 standards for cybersecurity excellence.

End-Users (Customer Data Handlers)

Information Security Awareness for Customer Data Handlers

Protect customer data with specialized cybersecurity training for customer data handlers.

End-Users (Clinical Researchers)

Information Security Awareness for Clinical Researchers

Secure valuable clinical researcher data with cyber knowledge.

End-Users (Supply Chain Management Team)

Information Security Awareness for Supply Chain Management Team

Strengthen your supply chain team’s cyber defences for secure operations.

End-Users (HR Professionals)

Information Security Awareness for HR Professionals

Elevate HR professionals’ cybersecurity knowledge for employee data protection.

End-Users (Software Professionals)

Information Security Awareness for Software Professionals

Elevate your software team’s cyber awareness for robust security solutions.

End-Users (Data Scientists/Analysts)

Information Security Awareness for Data Scientists/Analysts

Enhance data scientists’ cybersecurity awareness for safeguarding sensitive information.

End-Users (E-commerce & SaaS Professionals)

Information Security Awareness for E-commerce & SaaS Professionals

Arm E-commerce and SaaS professionals with cyber resilience.

By Compliance

Customizable compliance-focused security awareness training that provides the workforce with a good understanding of relevant data protection, privacy laws, regulations, and standards.

Image representing the 'Data Protection and Privacy' course, showing four employees curiously looking at a computer screen, hey are participating in the course. This visual captures their engagement and interest in learning about data privacy and protection, highlighting the course’s focus on educating employees on critical aspects of data security and privacy best practices in the workplace.

End-Users (Employees and Contractors)

Data Protection and Privacy (Global)

Drive employee awareness to protect customers’ and employees’ personal data.

End-Users (Employees and Contractors)


Guide the employees in safeguarding Protected Health Information (PHI).

End-Users (Employees and Contractors)


Train your employees to protect personal data under GDPR regulations. 

End-Users (Employees and Contractors)


Empower employees to protect sensitive health information with targeted training.

End-Users (Employees and Contractors)


Enhance your workforce’s understanding of CPRA and CCPA regulations.

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By Region/Country

Security Awareness courses that are tailored to specific regions or countries provide employees with region-specific insights into data protection and privacy laws, regulations, and standards.

UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Information Security and UAE Personal Data Protection Law

Cultivate employee awareness in safeguarding the personal data of customers and employees.

UAE (United Arab Emirates)


Guide employees in protecting healthcare information as mandated by all healthcare entities in Abu Dhabi.


Information Security and Singapore Personal Data Protection Act

Promote employee awareness to safeguard customer and employee personal data in adherence to Singapore PDPA.


Information Security and Malaysia Personal Data Protection Act

Boost awareness to safeguard personal data under InfoSec and Malaysia PDPA.


Information Security and Indonesia Personal Data Protection Law

Elevate awareness for safeguarding personal data in accordance with Indonesia PDPL.


Information Security and Philippines Data Privacy Act

Foster awareness in safeguarding personal data per InfoSec and the Philippines Data Privacy Act.


Information Security and Japan APPI

Drive employee awareness for safeguarding customer and employee data per Japan APPI.


Information Security and China Personal Information Protection Law

Boost employee awareness for safeguarding customer and employee data with China PIPL.


Information Security and Qatar PDPPL

Cultivate employee vigilance for safeguarding data with the Qatar Data Protection course.


Digital Personal Data Protection, DPDP- India

Encourage employee awareness of Information Security standards and the DPDP guidelines.

South Africa

Information Security and the South Africa POPIA

Boost employee awareness of the importance of protecting data per the South Africa POPIA.

South Korea

Information Security and the South Korea PIPA

Make employees aware of the South Korean PIPA Act and ways to protect personal data.

Hong Kong

Information Security and the Hong Kong PDPO

Maintain employee awareness of Information Security standards and the Hong Kong PDPO.


Information Security and UK DPA

Protect the personal data of customers and employees in compliance with the UK DPA.


Information Security and Data Privacy – India DPDP

Ensure employee data is protected following the Guidelines of India DPDP Act.

By Industry

Industry-based security awareness courses that are are customized to meet the unique requirements of each sector. These courses equip employees with the skills to protect the organization against cyber risks.

End-Users (Employees and Contractors)

Financial Services

Security awareness training with case studies and best practices specific to BFSI.

End-Users (Employees and Contractors)

Manufacturing/Operational Technology (OT)

Enhance your team’s security awareness & understanding of OT through targeted courses.

Benefits of Gamified Training

Increased Engagement

Gamification transforms learning into an interactive and enjoyable experience, fostering active participation. Challenges, rewards, and friendly competition promote better knowledge retention and practical application.

Realistic Simulations

Realistic simulations in gamified training enhance employees’ ability to combat phishing attacks. Gain firsthand experience and improve your defence against real threats.

Active Learning

Traditional training is passive, while gamification promotes active learning, decision-making, and immediate feedback. This approach stimulates critical thinking and improves knowledge retention.

Behavioural Change

Gamified training promotes behavioural change through the reinforcement of desired actions. With elements such as scoring, achievements, and progress tracking, employees are motivated to apply their learning in real-world situations, resulting in strengthened security-conscious habits.

Continuous Learning and Reinforcement

Continuous learning and reinforcement through gamified training keep employees updated on evolving cyber risks. Periodic challenges and quizzes prevent complacency, ensure knowledge retention and stay updated on the most recent threats..

Data-Driven Insights

Assess employee behaviour through culture surveys, behaviour and phishing assessments, identifying areas where they excel and highlighting potential risks. This provides the organisation with actionable insight to enhance cyber security practices and mitigate risks.

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