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Identify Risky Cyber Behavior

An infographic depicting blind spot assessments. These assessments help organizations gain early insights into security awareness and behaviour risks of employees before they are given access to sensitive information.
Blind Spot Assessments
An infographic representing culture survey. Culture surveys help access deep insights related to employee attitudes and behaviours which ultimately influence cyber security posture of an organization.
Culture Surveys
An infographic representing phishing. Phishing assessments help organizations identify phishing entry points and empower the workforce to act proactively to prevent phishing attacks.
Mock Phishing Assessment

Build Positive Cyber Security Behavior

Gamified Courses
Security Awareness Nuggets

Evaluate And Improve Behavior

Comprehensive cyber security behavior analytics dashboard
Cyber Behavior Data Analytics

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Latest Courses and Assessments

Explore the newest offerings from our cyber security researchers, learning, and data science team.

Information Security and Indonesia Personal Data Protection Law

Elevate awareness for safeguarding personal data in accordance with Indonesia PDPL.

Employees and Contractors

35-40 minutes

Cyber Security for Senior Leadership

Build strong cyber security leadership skills using a case-study-driven course.

C-Level Executives

25-30 minutes

Data Protection and Privacy Awareness

Drive employee awareness to protect customers’ and employees’ personal data.

Employees and Contractors

25-30 minutes

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Latest resources

Explore our knowledge base that brings together content highlighting the latest tools, exploits, technologies, and insights in the cyber security industry.


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Security Awareness Training Cheat Sheet: 2024

Resilient Security Practices Index

The State of Cyber Security Culture and Behavior in Organizations: 2023-24

Frequently Asked Questions


Absolutely. We customize the training courses and content to align with your organization’s security policies, compliance targets, data privacy laws, and brand tone. This ensures higher employee engagement and effectiveness.

Our service includes a variety of engaging Gamified Courses, Culture Surveys, Behaviour Assessments, Security Awareness Nuggets, and Anti-Phishing Training. These are hosted on a dedicated, secure learning platform and are designed to cater to diverse learning preferences.

Yes, we provide a Dedicated Client Manager and a responsive Support Desk to assist with course launch, reminders, troubleshooting, and any other support needed to achieve your cyber security training goals.

Yes, we provide a complimentary 30-minute free consultation service to help you explore and understand the offerings of our Cyber Security Awareness Training services.

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